January 2021 issue


For those of you who don’t know me too well, here is an interesting little fact about me. I am a sucker for stationery; pens, highlighters, pretty journals and anything that might look as if it belongs in an art shop or antique store. It brings me great pleasure to use these items when creating the spider graphs and outlines for this magazine. It’s a creative process that I have had to teach myself to get better organized and to not forget things.

That said, I do forget things – a lot! So, as we once again enter into a new year with new challenges, I have made it my mission to not make any resolutions for 2021. I have decided, instead, to make one decision: I will not forget the lessons learned in 2020. I am writing them down with my coloured pens, and keeping them. I am setting reminders to myself on my phone to smile, to say thank you and also to be kind. This is my foundation for 2021. No frills, because if the last year has taught us anything, it is that we cannot predict the future and that today is the day that really counts.

I am sure that a lot of us can relate. The past few months have not been easy, but we have found strength in working together, and joy in appreciating the simpler things in life.

Speaking about adaptability, for the first issue of 2021, we are proud to feature our very first feline winner of the annual Cover Model Competition, Bizzy. Beautiful Bizzy is a Seal Point Siamese, who was discovered as being blind when he was already two years old. Pop on over to page 8 to find out more about the life and antics of this unique little Siamese.

The follow-up article on Joseph from Cluny Animal Trust is on page 26 for you. This has truly been a tear-jerker, but if you missed out on how Joseph’s story started, please go to our website to download the November/December 2020 issue to read about the amazing journey of a new prosthetic leg for Joseph.

To our sponsors and loyal supporters who enable us to print and distribute each issue, we and our charities thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done and continue to do for and with us.

Thank you to all our readers, you and the ones we support are the reason we print each and every article and magazine.

We hope a brilliant and blessed New Year is awaiting you all!

Until next time!

In an effort to make sure that everyone can get their hands on a hard copy of our magazine, we have introduced our new direct mailing program. Please note that the charge for the magazine will be allocated to the postage cost of the magazine and not the magazine itself. Thank you for choosing Prints with a Purpose!


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