January 2022 issue


Welcome to the year of the tiger, everyone! May 2022 be kinder than the last few years.

As always, we kick off the new year with a cover featuring our latest Cover Model Winner as entered by our readers. This year we are featuring Lady, a fine, feminine feline who loves posing for the camera. She is the centre of the universe to her mom, Alison, who rescued her as a kitten, and the two are inseparable. Check out their Q&A on page 8.

In this issue, we also debut our latest column called Over the Rainbow Bridge. This column aims to educate and talk about everything related to the passing of our pets. Although this may sound like a dark topic, we feel that there is not enough being done to educate and help people through these trying times. I would like to encourage you to turn to page 38, where we talk about the grief that comes with the passing of our beloved companions. If you feel this column is helpful, please send us an email or DM and share this with us. Your feedback on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Our aim this year is to get back to working in the communities, and doing some much-needed outreach work on the education front. With what we’ve been seeing in statistics, children and animals need our guidance and help more than ever. This is something that we touch on in our Horsing Around column in this issue. The therapy experienced by a child, while working with animals, is extremely important and teaches so much empathy. If you are in any position to assist an organisation working with children using animal therapy, please assist them. We will be touching on this subject during the year.

So, here’s to you, our readers, and all the great things that will come your way this year. Let’s make this a great one!

Until next time.