January 2024


They say to be a good writer, you
need to “write what you know”.
It holds true in many ways, but
sometimes it’s tricky when you’re
aiming to be a positive influence
in people’s lives. Last year is one of
those years that I just want to write
off and forget about when it comes
to my family’s health and that of our
beloved pets.
To make a long story short, each of us
spent time in the hospital within twelve
months, ranging from a few weeks
to quick procedures. A heavy dose
of reality hit us when we reflected on
how fortunate we are to have access
to the healthcare professionals in
our lives. From specialists, general
practitioners, and veterinarians- these
people give up so much of themselves
to do what they love and to care for
Sadly, not everyone is as fortunate.
Some don’t have easy access to
these services due to where they live
or financial constraints. Others are
dealing with health issues and find
it tough to care for their pets. This is
why we are so proud of our magazine
and the community that help us to
spread the word about the wonderful
work done by organisations caring
for animals. This year our goal is to
dedicate more space to stories like
the one of our cover model, Chai. A
true testament to what can happen
when people care and work with
organisations in their area. If we
support organisations that work for
their communities, we can make a
Let us know what your thoughts are
on this topic and if you have an
organisation that you like to support.

In an effort to make sure that everyone can get their hands on a hard copy of our magazine, we have introduced our new direct mailing program. Please note that the charge for the magazine will be allocated to the postage cost of the magazine and not the magazine itself. Thank you for choosing Prints with a Purpose!


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