July 2021 issue


I’ve tried to put together this welcome letter several times in the last week. I just can’t seem to find the right words to express my feeling of overwhelming gratitude and awe of being here and writing this introduction, but here goes.

It’s been six years since the first issue of Pet Prints made its debut as a publication. Since then we’ve gone from a little local distribution magazine of only 28 pages to the only Pet Lifestyle publication in SA, averaging a page count of double our initial run. This year we’ve been able to reach so many people with our online flipbook, and we are elated that we have so many readers on social media talking to us and sharing their pets with us.

To say that I am humbled, yet astounded, is an understatement. I realise that so many amazing publications did not weather the storm that is COVID-19 and I am so grateful for the support we receive to keep our page count growing.

Over the past six years we have made friends, averted numerous crises, battled deadlines and raised over R240 000 for welfare. Even though this number is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed in the welfare community, we feel that we’ve been part of the fight to eradicate the mistreatment of animals.
To our small, but super-effective little team, I’d like to say: Thank You. Thank you for sticking it out and putting in the hours that helped us to get here. You’ve been my rock and I couldn’t imagine having done any of this without you!! My heart is happy to know that each person in this team is dedicated to, not just the love of the magazine, but the love of animals and animal welfare.

So, without further ado, here we are, Happy Birthday Pet Prints community, this one’s for you!

Until next time!

In an effort to make sure that everyone can get their hands on a hard copy of our magazine, we have introduced our new direct mailing program. Please note that the charge for the magazine will be allocated to the postage cost of the magazine and not the magazine itself. Thank you for choosing Prints with a Purpose!


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