March 2020 issue


If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “I never grow tired of meeting true professionals.” Honest, down-to-earth individuals, who are warriors of their craft. They outperform and outlast all the amateurs and leave us in awe every time. They don’t have big demands and they don’t look down on other people. They are focused and friendly, and willing to help others.

Now I know what you are thinking – What does this have to do with pets? Well, the way I see it is that, if someone as awesome as Ryan Sandes can be so humble and willing to give of his time for a charity project like Pet Prints, why can’t we all give a bit more time to welfare? Would volunteering for two hours on a weekend, once or twice a month, really be that difficult?

There has been a steady, but prominent increase in welfares asking for assistance from our readers and ourselves. Money and food are always welcome, but a lot of organisations need people. It is essential for people to realise that animals need to be walked and trained. The regular volunteers and workers also need a break from time to time. So, this is my main message for this edition. Welfare organisations try their very best to make their premises look welcoming. They do this to encourage people to come and visit them. I know a lot of people comment on how difficult it is for them, emotionally, to go to a welfare, but think about how much you could help. And the more friendly faces show up, the happier the environment will be!!

Try to visit welfares during the months of March and April, and I’ll guarantee that your life will be fuller and happier. And once you’re done, send us a photo or tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see those happy faces.

Until next time!

In an effort to keep our paper usage to a minimum we have decided to continue with our digital issues! From now on, every issue, bought from our online store, will assist our efforts in helping animals. Thank you for choosing Prints with a Purpose!

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