May 2020 issue


I think the last thing anyone wants to talk about at the moment is Lockdown 2020 or the Corona Virus, and quite frankly I don’t blame you. The last couple of months have been so tiring with worries and conspiracy theories. This is why I am so happy that we have a guy on our cover that prides himself in the art of escapism. Being doom and gloom, all the time, will get you absolutely nowhere.

So, for this issue, we are proud to give you none other than the personality behind one of South Africa’s funniest comedy shows, Rikus de Beer. Contrary to what some believe, he is nothing like the character, Jonathan, that he developed for his show “Radio Raps”. He is also an avid philanthropist with a love for the Bull Terrier breed! Head on over to page eight to read more about Rikus.

As with all things in life, we never know quite how strong we are until we get pressured to perform. One of the greatest stories in recent weeks was the ones coming from shelters, where they were quite literally emptied by volunteers who were willing to adopt and foster during the lockdown. Our community can be so strong if we stand together. Let’s hope we can keep this up for years to come. We cover some of these great acts in our community pages.

And as always, our usual features on “animal-care” and “fascinating facts” are available for the kids, and we added an extra recipe in our Lifestyle section, specifically for those of you who are currently spending so much time in the kitchen. Please tag us on Facebook or Instagram when you try one of these recipes.
Until next time!

In an effort to keep our paper usage to a minimum we have decided to continue with our digital issues! From now on, every issue, bought from our online store, will assist our efforts in helping animals. Thank you for choosing Prints with a Purpose!

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