May 2021 issue


As a dog and cat mom, I rejoice in the fact that we are normalizing the celebration of our “parenthood”, with those who have human children. For many, this is still an abstract concept, but I feel that the majority of people are starting to get it. Being a parent and celebrating Mother or Father’s Day means taking a day to feel proud of the fact that you are caring and compassionate, and that you are taking care of someone or something, that is relying on you and cannot take care of themselves.

With merchants realizing the potential of this market, we are seeing many entrepreneurs rising and that makes me extremely proud. We need to support these small businesses and help them to reach their full potentials. If you find a small business you feel merits a mention, don’t be afraid to tag us with their service or product on social media.

A newly proud dog dad is Schalk Bezuidenhout, featured on this issue’s cover. Schalk and his fiancée, Mica, adopted their very first dog, Otis, during  lockdown, and as many of you may have seen on social media, Otis is the beau of the ball. He goes to school, takes his dad on walks and is a truly lucky boy. To read more about this adorable relationship, head on over to page 10.

To those who are thinking of gifting someone with flowers during these celebratory days, please don’t forget that there are potentially poisonous flowers out there. This might seem a little obscure to some, but poisoning, due to pollen from certain flowers, is far more common than you think. We will highlight some of these flowers on our social media pages to help educate you on the perfect bunch.

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