November 2021 issue


The holidays are close upon us, and I couldn’t be happier!! Shopping centres have finally started putting out Christmas decorations and you can smell summer in the air at night. This is my favourite time of year. That said, I’m always thinking of those pets left at home, while their owners go away on vacation. It’s a sensitive subject, I know… but with so many pet-friendly destinations, I feel as though we should all aim to support these businesses or, at the very least, support entrepreneurs who make a living from house- and pet-sitting. If those options aren’t available, there are a lot of reputable kennelling services, but please make sure to vet the options that you are looking at. A good tip is to ask one of the Facebook communities in your area if anyone has a recommendation or experience with a particular service. I would also have a look at websites, like, or do a general Google search before trusting my fur kids to a stranger. (I generally work on personal references.)

In this issue, we bring you some much-loved travel destinations as well as Top Tips for keeping fidgety fido’s busy this holiday and well into the future when you have to get back to work. Our cover model dog-mom extraordinaire is social media sweetheart, Stephanie Stander, who has been inspiring women across the country to transform not only their bodies but also their mindset. Building confidence and good habits are at the core of her practice, and she’s a shining example of a doting dog mom. You can turn to page 8 to read about Stephanie and Mila’s beautiful relationship.

As always, please keep an eye out for lost or neglected animals this holiday. Nothing is too small to report. If you are worried about an animal, please don’t hesitate to let the proper authorities know. Please check page 52 for an organisation that works in your area.

Keep well and travel safe.
Until next time!

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