Welcome to Pet Prints magazine, where it’s all about animals and how we can help them. Our aim is to help people and animal organisations connect in a positive, non-stressful way. Our free glossy magazine always features interesting articles and beautiful animals up for adoption, and we organise events and projects to help animals too.

With a readership that covers most of South Africa, Pet Prints goes right into people’s homes and hearts to spread happiness to animal lovers all around the country while raising awareness for animals in need.

From humble beginnings in 2015, Pet Prints Magazine has found it’s own niche market in South Africa. What started out as a “passion project” to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town has blossomed into a national initiative.

We are prints with a purpose.
Please join us on our quest to make a difference!

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Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Aardwolf Facts

The aardwolves belong to the sub-family Hyaeninae and its scientific name is Proteles cristatus. Despite its name, the aardwolf is a member of the hyena

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A Tribute To Pigcasso

As I sit down to write this tribute, memories flood back of the day I had the privilege of meeting Joanne Lefson and her beloved

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