Elle Franco’s Doggy dream team

In the world of social media, there are countless influencers and content creators, each with their unique niche and passion. One such individual is Elle Franco, the creative force behind the Instagram account @diywithelle. What makes Elle’s content truly stand out is her wonderful blend of DIY projects and her life with her two beloved Morkies, Jimmy and Sid. In a candid Q&A session, Elle shared her journey, insights, and the heartwarming experiences of life with her dogs, offering a glimpse into the unique harmony of DIY and pet ownership.

Advice for building a loving connection with pets is rooted in consistent training, positive reinforcement, quality time spent playing, cuddling, and engaging in activities that the dogs enjoy.

Elle’s journey into the world of DIY and pet ownership is a heartwarming tale of love, companionship, and creative self-expression. Ten years ago, she embarked on her solo living adventure, complete with a pet-friendly space that had a garden in need of some DIY and home improvement projects. Her decision to bring Jimmy and Sid into her life wasn’t just about companionship but also about having dedicated co-workers in her DIY escapades. These two little Morkies have been there from the very beginning, providing support, love, and joy to Elle’s life and creative endeavors.

Meet Jimmy and Sid

Jimmy and Sid, the stars of Elle’s Instagram feed, are not your average dogs. They belong to the Morkie breed, a delightful mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese. Elle’s choice of Morkies was a well-thought-out decision, considering her husband (then boyfriend’s) allergies. But it wasn’t just about their hypoallergenic qualities; it was also the charm and personality of this breed that captured Elle’s heart.

Jimmy, the larger of the two brothers, is reserved and has an almost serious demeanor, which earned him the name “Jimmy,” reminiscent of an old gentleman. Sid, on the other hand, is the smaller and more energetic sibling, boasting a distinctive “Mohawk” on his head. Named after the famous punk rock musician Sid Vicious, his spunky personality matches his namesake.

Why Morkies?

For those considering Morkies as potential pets, Elle offers some valuable advice. Morkies are a unique breed known for their delightful personalities and low allergen levels. Elle highlights the importance of understanding their traits, needs, and potential for excessive barking. Daily walks, ample playtime, and interactive toys can help keep these spirited companions content.

DIY for Dogs

Elle’s passion for DIY extends to her four-legged friends. She has crafted numerous DIY projects for Jimmy and Sid over the years. One of her first projects was a basic dog kennel made from pallets. Since then, she has upgraded their accommodations to a modern wooden kennel with a faux grass roof, adding a creative touch to their living space. From dog beds to leash hangers, Elle’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to enhancing her pets’ lives.

The Impact of Dogs on Personal and Creative Journey

Dogs have an incredible way of enriching our lives, and Elle’s journey with Jimmy and Sid is no exception. Besides the responsibilities of pet ownership, they’ve taught her valuable life lessons in responsibility, patience, and selflessness. Her dogs are not just companions; they’re an integral part of her life, both personally and creatively.

Childhood Companions

Elle’s love for dogs date back to her childhood when she had a fluffy crossbreed between a toy-pom and Maltese named Ruffles. Ruffles shared her life from the age of 12 to 28, leaving a lasting impression and a deep appreciation for the special place dogs hold in our hearts.

Heartwarming Adventures

Elle’s life with Jimmy and Sid is filled with heartwarming and amusing stories. One unforgettable journey involved a 12-hour car ride when the family moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town. To keep the dogs calm during the long drive, they gave them calming pills hidden in treats. However, a funny mishap occurred when Jimmy refused his treat, allowing Sid to enjoy a double dose. The result was a hilarious sight of Sid stumbling and sleeping through most of the journey, making for an unforgettable memory.

Building a Strong Bond with Pets

Elle’s followers admire the strong bond she shares with her dogs. Her advice for building a loving connection with pets is rooted in consistent training, positive reinforcement, quality time spent playing, cuddling, and engaging in activities that the dogs enjoy. Understanding the specific needs of your pet and providing a safe and comfortable home is essential for nurturing a strong and loving bond.

Distinctive Traits and Behaviours

Jimmy and Sid have their unique quirks and behaviours that endear them to Elle and her followers. Sid is a cuddler, always seeking affection, and has a charming trick of leaning back on his hind legs to request attention. He even enjoys being held and rocked like a baby. Jimmy, in contrast, is more stoic, sitting by your feet and tilting his head for pets. He loves belly rubs but dislikes being held. Their distinct personalities make for a dynamic and entertaining duo.

Capturing Moments with Pets

Elle’s social media is filled with adorable photos and videos of her dogs. Her photography and videography tips for capturing the best moments with pets are simple yet effective: place your pet in a setting where they are comfortable or excited, allowing their true personality to shine through. The best shots are often taken when they are out on their daily walk, happy and relaxed.

Balancing DIY and Pet Care

Balancing a creative career and pet ownership can be challenging, but Elle manages it gracefully. She emphasizes the importance of planning, establishing routines, and considering her dogs’ needs. The daily dog walk, a crucial part of her routine, not only keeps her dogs happy but also gets her out in the fresh air, relieving stress and fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

Elle hints at exciting projects and collaborations involving Jimmy and Sid. Being featured in Pet Prints magazine has been a great experience. Additionally, she plans to host charity DIY workshops to build and donate doghouses to local animal shelters, extending her love for DIY to those in need.

Happy and Healthy Lives

Elle ensures that Jimmy and Sid lead happy and healthy lives through daily walks. This simple yet effective activity not only keeps her dogs active but also reinforces the bond they share.

For followers passionate about both DIY projects and dogs, Elle offers wise words. Owning a pet is a responsibility, but it is equally rewarding. The love and bond you build with your pet is special and unforgettable. When it comes to DIY, Elle encourages everyone to have fun with it, reminding us that DIY projects may be frustrating at times, but the sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence make it all worthwhile.

Elle Franco’s unique blend of DIY creativity and her life with Jimmy and Sid exemplifies the deep connection that can exist between pets and their owners. Her story is a testament to the enriching influence of dogs in our lives, teaching us valuable life lessons and providing endless moments of joy and love. Through her Instagram account, Elle continues to inspire her followers to embark on their own journeys of creative self-expression and responsible pet ownership, reminding us all to keep smiling and DIY’ing.

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