Garden Route Bird Relief Program

We LOVE sharing heart-warming stories with our readers. We were once again blown away by the selflessness of the Knysna community when faced with the recent, devastating fires. And by one lady in particular, who has dedicated her efforts towards the bird life that has been overlooked by many. If you are at all able to help this project, we urge you to do so.

Following the recent fires in and around Knysna, thousands of birds have been left without food, water and shelter. Not something many people thought about as they were picking up the pieces of the community that saw days of fierce fires and devastation. Aids were coming in for people and domestic animals that were misplaced and hurt. It’s not at all surprising that very few people noticed how quiet it had become in the nearby, smouldering forests.  The birds also had to flee for their lives. They, too, had to face the facts of not having anything to come back home to.

Noticing the silence, Rozanne Fleet decided to step in. Seeing the effect of the fire first hand, she made it her mission to assist the smallest of the victims from this disaster. With more than 18 000 hectares of fynbos and forest completely wiped out, Rozanne called and emailed as many companies as she could to find supplies and  feeders to assist the bird life in her area. Answering her call was Elaine from Elaine’s Birding and Wildlife, who phoned almost immediately to assist.

Together with Spartan Trucks, who assisted with transportation, Rozanne and Elaine have been able to distribute more then 400 nectar and suet feeders, with feed. The project has grown since and people are starting to assist with donations and have even been putting out feeders for the birds that have returned to their gardens. It goes to show that one act of kindness will put the wheels for change in motion. Thank you ladies!

If you would like to get involved, please contact Rozanne Fleet on their Facebook page @GardenRouteBirds



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