Awe – Inspiring Arnold

A Tale of Resilience and Redemption

There is nothing more inspiring than the will-power of an animal. The love they give and the forgiveness they have for humankind. While we will never know exactly what Arnold had to endure, one thing is for certain. It must have been horrible.

Rescued from the side of the road by a good Samaritan, Arnold was riddled with disease and had multiple fractures. He was so far gone that the welfare organisation he was brought to decided that it would be kinder to have him euthanised. After a sad farewell the lifeless body was placed in a refrigerator for overnight keeping until it could be fetched the next morning. This is a sad truth for many unfortunate souls that don’t reach help in time.

The miracle came the next morning when Arnold crawled out of his frozen tomb. It was evident that this was not his time and he wanted to LIVE! The wonderful people from Kitty and Puppy Haven took him in immediately and started his rehabilitation. It would be a long road but they would fight for this boy who had the will to survive.

Whilst many people would struggle to take on such a sad case, one family decided that Arnold would be the perfect addition to their family. And as all foster-fail-fairytales go, this is their story:

“My name is Cheyney, and I serve as Arnold’s Chief Hooman Officer. A 25-year-old on the cusp of becoming a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa (CA SA), my life’s tapestry is woven with a deep affection for dogs.

From my earliest memories, dogs have been an integral part of my upbringing, nurtured by a family that shares my profound love for these remarkable beings. It is from this foundation that my passion for community service and animal welfare sprouted.

Growing up with a pair of four-legged companions named Cindy and Biscuit, my family embarked on our pet journey after a heartwarming trip to the SPCA. Cindy and Biscuit, both humble, rescue dogs became cherished members of our family, their unwavering love serving as my first brush with the boundless affection dogs can offer. They paved the way for my lifelong adoration of these loyal and loving creatures.”


Arnold’s presence in their lives emerged from a tale that continues to astound. Arnold’s story was stumbled upon through an online channel, where Kitty and Puppy Haven were in search of a temporary foster family. Their goal was to nurse him back to health and reintegrate him into a nurturing environment. At the time, their home was already enriched by the presence of three dogs. A temporary arrangement was intended – a few weeks of care before Arnold could find his forever home elsewhere. Yet, fate had different plans, for this brave soul melted their hearts with his unbreakable spirit. A mere month later, their status as a foster family transformed into an adoption, and Arnold officially became part of their lives.


Despite Arnold’s incredible journey, it’s hard to believe that he is now around 11 years old, a testament to his enduring resilience. Arnold was estimated to be roughly 1.5 years old when he initially joined their family, showcasing the incredible transformation he has undergone.


“Our household is a haven for our dogs. Our furry companions reign supreme, each finding a unique place in our hearts. Bedtime is a particularly democratic affair, with our dogs finding snug spots under the duvet, just like humans. Their rule extends even to the couch, where claiming a spot means the humans may have to relinquish their place to the furry inhabitants. In addition to Arnold, we welcomed Mazel, another rescue, into our lives about a year before Arnold’s arrival. Our family dynamic is one of harmony and shared affection for our four-legged family members.”


“Arnold is a bundle of curiosity and adventure. His favourite escapade involves our walks, where he transforms into a little lizard hunter. It’s a captivating sight to witness him dive headlong into bushes and hedges, fervently chasing elusive lizards. Occasionally, his endeavours yield success, with a flicking tail captured in his mouth. But true to his nature as a lover rather than a hunter, he releases his captives unharmed, allowing them to scamper away.”

Mischief & Lessons

Arnold’s quirks extend to mischief as well. He’s developed a penchant for rolling in less-than-pleasant discoveries during their walks. However, this behaviour is invariably met with a strong aversion to baths, resulting in valuable lessons learned over time.


Arnold’s journey has awakened in them a deep commitment to animal welfare. Woodrock Animal Rescue holds a special place in their hearts, embodying their love for animals in need. Whenever the family embarks on holidays, their dogs enjoy a stay at the Woodrock Pet Hotel, where their enthusiasm for the place is so great that they’re known to leap out of car windows to reach it. Their support for Woodrock extends beyond vacations, as they contribute through both volunteering and monthly donations. They also stand steadfastly behind Kitty and Puppy Haven, the very organization that orchestrated Arnold’s miraculous rescue.


Arnold’s favourite pastime is rooted in companionship. Whether nestled together during TV time or venturing out for walks, his happiness is intimately intertwined with human or canine presence. This warmth and affection are a testament to the enduring bond they share with their four-legged friends.

In closing, I’d like to share a sentiment that echoes throughout our lives – a resounding appreciation for the incredible bond we share with our beloved pets. These creatures, like Arnold, possess an unparalleled ability to extend unconditional love and affection, enriching our lives immeasurably. Their stories are a tribute to resilience and strength, illustrating their capacity to overcome adversity and inspire us to be better humans. We truly consider ourselves blessed to be in the company of such remarkable creatures, and we’re honoured to share their unwavering love with the world.

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