Pathology + Painting with Dr Owen

Some people colour with pencils, others use paint… then there are those who have the unique talent to paint with words. I count myself lucky to know a person like this. Owen Wiese, also known as Dr Owen, is a unique human who has been the inspiration and comfort behind many women who have tried to wade their way through life. His understanding and wisdom seem to come effortlessly and paints the most beautiful pictures of self-acceptance and support for women’s mental health.

Amidst the laughter, Owen recounted a mischievous incident involving Betsie. Apparently, she once destroyed one of his textbooks, leaving him both amused and exasperated.

Most people will also remember Owen from a television show called, Dokter-dokter, where he was a presenter answering patients’ questions. Currently studying and working in the world of pathology this talented artist and dedicated doctor, is a remarkable individual who has found a unique balance between the worlds of science and art. In a recent interview, he shared fascinating insights into his life, his family, and his passion for painting.

Owen’s passion for painting started shortly after lock down. “Painting and art changed my life! While studying for an exam I realised I needed a change in scenery. I walked past an art shop and the rest is history!

This was two years ago. Since then, I developed my style creating geometric abstraction and intuitive abstraction art.

Art literally changed the way I approach life. In chemical Pathology left brain power is required, but I’m a creative. So, art caters for my right brain and creative side.”

Interestingly, Owen noticed parallels between his profession and his art. The pieces he creates respond to his experiences, reflecting both his studies and his personal journey. Geometric abstraction often emerges when he is focused on his studies, requiring logical thinking and precision. On the other hand, intuitive abstraction flows naturally when he needs to let loose and express himself freely.

It is a delightful coincidence that his two careers, one rooted in science and the other in creativity, provide him with immense fulfillment and satisfaction. Own shares his home with his husband, Rohan and his three K-9 daughters, Rentia, Annemarie, and Betsie. Rentia and Annemarie, both turning seven this year, joined their family only four days apart. Annemarie, the matriarch of the household, is described as a quiet yet authoritative presence who effectively manages the household. Rentia, on the other hand, possesses a kind and gentle nature, always aiming to please As for Betsie, the youngest of the three, she is a spirited and playful city girl, despite her health condition, pulmonary artery stenosis.

Amidst the laughter, Owen recounted a mischievous incident involving Betsie. Apparently, she once destroyed one of his textbooks, leaving him both amused and exasperated. It seems that Betsie’s free-spirited nature occasionally leads to some unexpected adventures.

Rentia, the family’s television enthusiast, has a particular fondness for shows featuring animals. Her favorite program is an advertisement for pet insurance, which never fails to elicit excitement and enthusiasm.

While each of his doggy-daughters has unique qualities, Owen also highlighted a few distinct quirks. Annemarie, for instance, has claimed a spot on the sofa where neither Rentia nor Betsie are allowed.

Additionally, she has a knack for demanding attention, often resorting to playful antics to ensure she remains the center of their universe. Betsie, true to her free-spirited nature, takes an early evening nap, unaffected by the household’s activities.

So, what would a Bulldog or Golden Retriever do for a living if they had the chance you ask? Well, Rentia, with her love for drama and television, would undoubtedly make a fantastic soap actress.

Annemari, known for her maternal instincts, would excel as a lunch lady or a matron in a hospital. As for Betsie, her persistence and energy would serve her well in the role of a telemarketer. Owen smiles with amusement, “they all have such amazing personalities!”

Owen J Wiese is an exemplary individual, effortlessly balancing the demands of being a doctor and an artist. With his keen eye for both detail and abstraction, he navigates the realms of science and art, enriching his life and the lives of those around him. As he continues to study pathology and explore his artistic endeavors, Owen embodies the harmonious coexistence of two seemingly disparate worlds.

For more on Owen’s art and shows you can check out his website,

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