Get To Know Dr. Jono Savadier

From the age of 4 years old, Jono Savadier has lived in Sandton, where he attended both the local primary and high schools.


“I recall that, when I was 13 years old I read a book about a Vet, who had pioneered a lot of the work that was done in treating zoo animals. From then on, I knew that being a Vet was the only thing that I wanted to do. It gave me the motivation to study hard and gain entry into Onderstepoort. I still don’t know what I would have done, if I couldn’t do this job.”

So it happened, when Jono was in high school that he knew he wanted to be a vet and he started spending weekends and holidays hanging out with, and learning from, Dr Alan Sampson. After qualifying in 1998 from Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, he worked in several practices in Johannesburg and the United Kingdom, before coming full circle and working for Dr Sampson at Riverclub Vet Clinic, in Sandton.

After a few years he became a partner and, 18 years later, is still enjoying going to work there every day.

“Riverclub Vet is a great place to work. We have an amazing staff, who are passionate about their work and dedicated to giving pets and their owners excellent service. We also have fantastic clients, many of whom have been here for as long as I have.  Veterinary Science is constantly progressing and we try to ensure that we keep up with these changes.  Exciting new developments in nutrition, diagnostics, treatment and preventative healthcare mean our pets are living longer and  better quality lives. We focus on ensuring excellent quality of life for our patients. Our modern clinic has an in-house laboratory, digital x-ray facilities, a full dental suite, including  X-rays, a separate cat ward, as well as a grooming parlour and puppy socialisation classes. We also have a very good relationship with local medicine & surgical specialists, who we refer to for our more perplexing cases.


“I enjoy the challenge and variety that each day brings. You never know what’s going to happen. The other day I spayed a 2kg kitten and then did a dental procedure on an 84 kg Bull-Mastiff! The thrill of successfully diagnosing and treating a complicated, sick patient is soon counter-balanced by the sadness of saying goodbye to a beloved four-legged member of the family, whose quality of life is no longer acceptable. There are highs and lows every day, but it really is a great job. I could never sit behind a desk all day!”



As much as Jono enjoys his work, he enjoys going on holiday a lot more! He loves being in the bush and is an avid birder & photographer.  Mountain biking & rock climbing keep him busy whilst he is in Johannesburg. Together with his wife, Emma and son, Matt, they share their home with Tatcha – a 16 year old mixed breed with the heart of a 2 year old, Chloe the beautiful, but stupid, Labrador and Rolo, the cat, who arrived at the clinic as a 4 week old stray.


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